Everything You Need To Know About Digital Vet Companies

Finding a vet appointment for your pet is hard, but even more difficult to find 24hr vet care in an emergency. This pet article is about how to find vet care near you right away through digital vet companies.

Within the last year, many things have changed: an increase in home offices, travel restrictions, and even curfews. During this time, many companies have digitalized themselves to provide a service to people. One of these services is veterinary. Even though digital vets have been around for a while, it is now more useful than ever. Find out more about digital vet companies here.

What are digital veterinarians?

A televet or digital vet is a pet care company/platform that works with multiple licensed veterinarians to offer quick and accessible health care for your pet(s). As the name suggests, these vets operate online, which means that consultation is usually via video call or chat. In more serious cases, the vet will recommend an in-person appointment and will help you find the next available vet in your area. The benefits of joining such platforms are:

  • Availability 365 days of the year, sometimes even 24/7
  • At-home consultation (this is very helpful if your pet doesn't like being in cars)
  • Time-saving
  • Stress-free pets

Digital vets are even allowed to prescribe medication online. Moreover, community members can ask general questions that will be answered regularly by one of the veterinarians.

How does it work?

Most of the online vet websites require three steps until your consultation.

Step 1: Contact them / make an appointment

The first step usually requires you to chat with a chatbot where you can explain your pet's issue or illness. Some companies offer you the possibility to book a free appointment immediately.

Step 2: Your pets history

After you have explained your problem or have made an appointment, you are asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your pet (species, breed, age, insurance, and known illnesses) or clarify your pet's problem by inserting video clips or images that can help further showcase the illness. Depending on the problem, the vet will either confirm the appointment or advise you to find an in-person vet.

Step 3: The consultation

The last step is your actual consultation. During the consultation, a licensed vet will answer your questions, discuss your pet's problems with you and advise you.


You can mainly choose from two options: pay per appointment or join a monthly subscription. The prices are according to the veterinary fee schedule (GOT = Gebührenordnung der Tierärzte). If you think your pet might need frequent appointments at the vet, the subscription model might be more cost-efficient for you as you pay a set amount each month. However, if your pet is healthy and doesn't need that many check-ups, the pay-per-appointment option is the one for you. Prices can vary from 19,90 € to 29,90 € per appointment or a subscription of 29,00 € to 34,00 € quarterly.

Nowadays, there are a lot of online veterinarians on the market. If you decide to give this concept a try, stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss and compare the different offers out there. Until then stay healthy and joyful!

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