Traveling In The Car With Pets

Are you going on a vacation or road trip with your cat or dog? Check out this pet blog on traveling with pets.

Pets and cars have a love-hate relationship. Some pets genuinely enjoy riding around town with their owners while others fall into a state of stress and anxiety and constant whining. If your animal is the latter check out these 3 simple yet effective tips on how to travel in the car with pets.

1) Get your pet used to the car

If your pet has never been in a car before, it is crucial to get them used to it first. Try bringing them close to the car, then let your pet sit inside the car for a while without driving it. If your pet seems too stressed out, take a break. If it seems like they are fine, try starting the car and go for a few short test drives. Some animals behave well, while others might feel anxious and nauseous. Watch out for any stress signals, and make sure to give them a treat and lots of affection afterward.

2) Keep your pets safe during rides

Some pets enjoy car rides, and you don't have to worry about them becoming too anxious. It might look cute to let your dogs, for example, stick their head around the windows and let them catch a fresh breeze of air. However, this can be extremely dangerous. Dogs can hit flying objects, and wind and cold can damage the inner ear and infect the lungs. An excited dog might suddenly flee from the open window and become seriously or fatally injured. If you're worried about your pet jumping out the window or moving around the vehicle too much, invest in a car seat for pets and make it cozy by bringing along their favorite chew toys. And don't forget to stop often to let your pet explore new surroundings.

3) Plan in enough breaks

Speaking of stopping often - this is a very important part of traveling with your pets in general. Food, water, and bathroom breaks are essential and should be planned out frequently throughout any trip. Thereby, your pet can build off excess energy, get some stretch and fresh air, and of course, empty their bladder. You may also want to consider feeding your pets during one of those breaks. Do not feed your pets in a moving vehicle, as this may lead to motion sickness and nausea.

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