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An all-new way to monitor your pet’s health! Automatically track weight, sleep and daily patterns.
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Minimum Effort

Simply place the FENISKA Base underneath your cat or dog’s favorite pet furniture and let the FENISKA Base do the rest!
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Maximum care

Gain insight into your pet’s health, receive important notifications and reminders, and see how your pet’s health develops over time!
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Feniska Base and Feniska App measure weight
Making the invisible visible
The FENISKA Base is equipped with cutting edge sensors that are always on. All information tracked is fed into our algorithm, which can identify changes in your pet’s normal condition. The sooner you identify changes in your pet’s normal conditions, the better care you can provide for them.
✔︎ Insight into weight change
✔︎ Insight into daily habits
✔︎ Insight into resting time
✔︎ Insight into toilet patterns cats only
Be with your pet - even when you're not
Get to know your pet on a deeper level through weekly health reports and analytics. Our current activities feature will keep you updated throughout the day and you will be notified of significant changes in your pet’s health vitals.

✔︎ Real-time activity updates
✔︎ Relevant metrics
✔︎ Reports & trend analysis
Feniska Base and App showing current activity

How to get started

Number one
Order the FENISKA Base
Number two
Download the FENISKA App
Number three
Connect FENISKA Base to WiFi
Number four
Place your pet’s favorite furniture on the FENISKA Base
Number five
Receive updates on your pet’s health
Beautiful outside - Smart inside
The FENISKA Base has built in sensors which are accurate and can tell different pets apart in one household.
  • When placed underneath a sleeping spot, the FENISKA Base automatically records your pet’s weight and rest time.
  • When placed underneath a cat’s litter box, the FENISKA Base records your cat’s natural toilet habits, including the time spent in the toilet, and the frequency of toilet visits.
Through consistent use, the FENISKA Base will determine your pet’s natural daily rhythm, and you will be notified in the FENISKA App when significant changes in your pet’s habits occur.

Made to help you

Ensure your pet is at a healthy weight

Obesity reduces the life span of your pet by up to 2 years. It is also the leading cause of recurring diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems.

App screen weight progress
App screen notification

Care for vulnerable pets

Senior pets and pets with existing health conditions need to be monitored very closely. FENISKA Base will monitor weight, a critical indicator of health indicator, to help you notice when intervention is needed

Understand the overall wellbeing

Prevention is better than cure. Having consistent access to your pet’s health condition helps you identify health problems sooner, and encourage you to improve the overall wellbeing of your pet.

App screen notification
Stay up to day

Stay up to Date

With our current activities feature, you will always know what your pet is up to, even when you are out and about. Health reports help you stay informed no matter what.

What you can monitor

weight fluctuation

Weight fluctuations

Overweight and underweight



Food intake (manually tracked)

current activity

Current acivities

toilet visit

Toilet visits (for cats)


Usage Patterns


Rest time


Activity (manually tracked)


Mood (manually tracked)

What experts say about FENISKA

Dr. Stefanie Engelke
Dr. Stefanie Engelke
" Health is our most valuable asset. Innovative tech solutions like the FENISKA Base can contribute to a long and healthier animal life. "
Dr. Nerése Ellis
" Changes in behaviour and weight can be some of the first signs of an underlying illness that could be developing in our pets without causing any visible symptoms. Having a tracker like the FENISKA Base that alerts pet owners to these changes is extremely useful for detecting problems as early on as possible. The sooner a disease is diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated and the happier and healthier our pets will be. "
Rahel Stichtenoth
Data analyst
Dr. Rahel Stichenoth
" Tracking data is crucial for modern data analysis techniques. With the Feniska Base you can rely on getting continuously high quality data. The evaluation in the Feniska App provides a basis for data driven decision making. And thus you will get well-founded recommendations ensuring the well-being and health of your loved pet. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I put the Feniska® Base?1/5
Under: Cat toilet. Cat bed. Cat cave. Dog bed. Dog crate. Basically, anything that fits on top of the Feniska® Base.
What types of pets can use the Feniska® Base?2/5
We mainly focus on small dogs (max. shoulder height 39 cm) and cats under 10kgs.

Mostly all cats can use the Feniska® Base and some dogs breeds are more likely to in the weight to use it like teacup breeds, Papillon, Mini Poodle, Pomeranian, Scottish Terrier, Schnauzer, Maltese Shih Tzu, Jack Russell Terrier, Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and some others like Pugs.
What behavioral patterns do you track?3/5
Weight change, sleep, rest, usage, and toilet visits. Depending on where you place the base and whether you have a cat or dog, these will be tracked either automatically by the Feniska Base, or based on your manual inputs in the Feniska App.
Why is weight tracking important?4/5
There are two key reasons:
1. 53% of pets are overweight, and according to APA, obesity is the #1 health problem in pets, and it reduces life span by up to 2 years. It is also the leading cause of illnesses such as heart problems, urinary stones, and diabetes.

2. Gradual weight loss indicates chronic illness and is already noticeable months in advance. Gradual weight loss is not easily visible to the naked eye.
Why is tracking behavioral patterns important?5/5
Slight deviations in daily rhythms, toilet visits, eating habits, or movements are already conspicuous signs of disease.

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