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The best healthcare App and Smart Device for your pet.

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Meet The Feniska® App

Meet The Feniska® Base

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The health of your pet in your hands

Prediction equals prevention

  • Insights into weight change
  • Insights into sleeping patterns
  • Insights into behavioral patterns
  • Instant notifications
Through extensive research, we have developed an algorithm that is able to detect any significant changes, and notify you immediately.

Making the invisible visible

  • Relevant Metrics
  • Real time readings
  • Reminders for check-ups
  • Remarkable data visualizations
We make it easy for you to understand your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Be with your pet,
even when you’re not

  • Keep track of your pet's health
  • Know all relevant health data
  • Keep a digital health record
  • Know if something is off
You stay informed about your pet at all times no matter where you are.
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Track what matters most

Good. Better. Base.

Designed to accurately measure critical health data without interfering with your pet’s environment or body.

Minimum Effort. Maximum Care.

The Smart Base can be placed under anything from cat toilets to dog crates.

It's a breeze.

Simply connect it to your WIFI and do a one-time configuration in the Feniska App. Readings from the Feniska Base are uploaded instantly, and insights are generated automatically.

Built for pets.
Made for you.

The most advanced non-invasive
tracking in the industry. The simplistic design allows it to blend in with your home.

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