How we got started

Cat at vet

Why the idea was born

The cutie in the picture is Django. Unfortunately, he suffered from stones in his urinary tract that blocked his bladder, so he needed to go into surgery. Thankfully, Django survived. But a condition that would have cost € 400 to treat had it been detected weeks earlier, ended up costing € 2900. More importantly, Django had been in pain for a long time. Sonita was tired of looking for products that would help her monitor Django's health condition, so she decided to build her own.
Feniska founders

Ropa joins FENISKA

Working on the same team at SAP brought us together, and it was not long before we bonded over our shared experience of having sick pets. Our journey as co-founders began, and we embarked on the non-product elements of running a company, such as fundraising and incorporation.
Feniska progress

Becoming a company

We officially became a company! After a 5 hour session with our notary, Feniska UG was born. In the meantime we worked hard on improving the Feniska Base and started developing the Feniska App 📱🥰.
Feniska building prototype

The journey begins

273 pet owners surveyed, vets and researchers interviewed, and mentors found! Sonita quit her job and built the first prototypes in her home in Berlin!
Feniska pilot customers

Pilot programs begins

Of course, we could not build the product alone. We needed the help of cats and dogs all over Germany, and so we sent the Feniska Base out for testing. Thankfully, these pawesome testers have been providing continuous feedback on the product since then.
Feniska now


After collecting data for over a year, and receiving valuable feedback from our pilot Pupstomers, we start preparing for the launch of the Feniska Base. On the road to releasing the Feniska Base for automatic tracking, we start by introducing the Feniska App, for manual tracking.
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Hello, from the Team

Ropdafadzo Murombo

Ropafadzo Murombo

Co-founder/ go-to-market
Sonita Soth

Sonita Soth

Co-Founder/ Product
Pascal Crenzin

Pascal Crenzin

lead developer
Julia Lenz

Julia Lenz

Ugochukwu Nwankiti

Ugochukwu Nwankiti