30 day risk free • Free returns • 1 year warranty
149.00 €
99.00 €
Shipping 3-7 days
Money-back guarantee1/5
You can return the FENISKA Base within the 14-day cancellation period after receipt, as usual in online trade.

The refund will be made within 30 days.
Hand crafted in Berlin1/5
Each and every FENISKA Base is hand-built by us and made in Berlin, Germany.

Height: 2 cm
Width: 45 cm x 45 cm
Weight: 3,6 kg
Color: White
Suitable for cats and dogs1/5
All cats and small dog breeds (shoulder height to 39 cm) can use the FENISKA Base.
Place it underneath pet beds, pet blankets, cat litter boxes, cat scratchboards and other types of furniture. Please be aware that the size of the furniture has to fit on the size of the FENISKA Base
Additional information1/5
Delivery time
Shipping to Germany, Austria and Switzerland within 3-7 days.

All customers pay the price including VAT (will be shown on the invoice upon delivery). Customs clearance for Swiss customers is not yet finalized.Shipping costs are not included in the price and will be displayed in the store once you have entered the delivery address.

Within the first 12 months after receipt of the FENISKA Base, we will repair or replace the unit free of charge according to legal guidelines (shipping costs may apply) if the Base shows any defective behavior. This applies only to regular use, not if your FENISKA Base is dropped, broken, fractured or intentionally damaged, for example.

Change of product characteristics
It may be that the device changes minimally, in terms of size and color.
Knowledge is PAWer
Prediction equals prevention
  • ✔︎ Know when significant changes occur
  • ✔︎ Know the normal condition of your pets
  • ✔︎ Know when to intervene
Track what matters most
  • ✔︎ Comfortable weight management
  • ✔︎ Carefully designed to monitor non-invasively
  • ✔︎ Cutting-edge sensors that can tell your pets apart
Feniska App overview
Why measure weight?

Weight is a critical health indicator

When health problems occur, our pets tend to gradually lose weight in a way that is not visible to the naked eye. Being able to identify weight fluctuations, in combination with other symptoms, can help you recognize health problems sooner.

Every second pet is overweight

Weight is the leading cause for the most recurring diseases in cats and dogs (arthritis, diabetes, urinary infections, etc.). If you keep your pet at a healthy weight, you give it a better chance at a long and healthy life.

Older pets more prone to weight gain

As our pets get older, they are less active and more likely to gain weight. Monitoring their weight allows you to prevent unwanted weight gain and improve the quality of their lives.

Sterilized pets are prone to weight gain

Just got your pet sterilized? The changes in his or her body may result in weight gain. Get ahead of it by measuring and monitoring closely.

Good. Better. Base.
Developed to accurately measure critical health information without interfering with your pet’s environment or body. The FENISKA Base is the first noninvasive Smart Home Device for pets. The simplistic design allows it to blend in with your home.
Dog sleeping on Feniska Base
Feniska Base and dog bed
Getting started is easy.
Simply connect the FENISKA Base to your WiFi at home and do a one-time configuration in the FENISKA App. Readings from the Feniska Base are uploaded instantly, and insights are generated automatically. This way, you always stay informed about your pet no matter where you are! Our current activities feature allows you to see what your pet is up to!
Built for pets, made for you.
The FENISKA Base was carefully designed to be compatible with pet furniture you already own. The Base can tell your pets apart, and the App makes it easy to have an overview of all your pets and organize their health related data.
Cat on Feniska Base

What experts say about FENISKA

Dr. Stefanie Engelke
Dr. Stefanie Engelke
" Health is our most valuable asset. Innovative tech solutions like the FENISKA Base can contribute to a long and healthier animal life. "
Dr. Nerése Ellis
" Changes in behaviour and weight can be some of the first signs of an underlying illness that could be developing in our pets without causing any visible symptoms. Having a tracker like the FENISKA Base that alerts pet owners to these changes is extremely useful for detecting problems as early on as possible. The sooner a disease is diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated and the happier and healthier our pets will be. "
Rahel Stichtenoth
Data analyst
Dr. Rahel Stichenoth
" Tracking data is crucial for modern data analysis techniques. With the Feniska Base you can rely on getting continuously high quality data. The evaluation in the Feniska App provides a basis for data driven decision making. And thus you will get well-founded recommendations ensuring the well-being and health of your loved pet. "

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