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Health reports, meaningful graphs, important notifications, and educational blogs all in one app. The FENISKA App will help you gain insight into how your pet develops over time.

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Introducing the FENISKA App, a fun, simplified and effective way to monitor your pet’s health. By regularly tracking the food intake, weight, mood and activity levels of your pet, you gain valuable insights into the true health condition of your pet. You are not alone, our in-app blogs and tips will help you navigate daily life with your pets!
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Why weight tracking?
Obesity is the leading cause of health problems in pets and can result in diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and ultimately shorten the life span of your beloved cat or dog. Weight management is crucial for preventing and treating obesity, and additionally, unexplained weight changes can be an early indicator of disease.
Why food tracking?
1 out of 2 pets are obese, and obesity is the leading cause of health problems in our pets. While it can be hard to say no to those fluffy faces, it is important that we regulate their food intake. Additionally, if they suddenly start eating more or eating less, this may be a sign of a bigger health problem. Tracking ensures you are on top of things.
Why activity tracking?
Activity is an important part of ensuring your animal leads a healthy life. Additionally, your pet has natural activity levels, but this changes when health problems occur. Knowing your pet’s natural activity levels is crucial in being able to identify concerning changes.
Why mood tracking?
The most common sign of pain is change in behaviour. Observing your pet’s mood day-to-day is important because it increases your chances of noticing alarming behaviour. Recording your pet's mood allows you to watch how it changes overtime.

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