5 Cat Bathing Tips

Cat grooming, cat nail trimming, cat cleaning, and cat bathing can actually be done at home with the tips included in this pet article! All you need is a shower/bathtub and some cat shampoo!

Generally, it is not necessary to give your cat a bath unless it is either extremely dirty, has been in touch with toxic products, or when it is recommended by the vet. Other than that there are alternatives such as wipes, damp cloth, or even dry shampoo made specifically for cats. Either way, if you do come across that scenario here are a few tips that can help you.

#1 Brush their fur

Before you begin make sure that your cat's fur is free of any knots. By brushing their fur beforehand you can already get rid of the majority of any accumulated dirt or other entanglements.

#2 Trim their toenails

Before attempting a bath it is recommended to trim your cat's toenails. Especially if your cat dislikes water it will most likely try to scratch you out of defense. Trimming their toenails beforehand can cause less damage to your skin.

#3 Have a second person at hand

If possible, grab someone who can help you with your task. Some cats may be reluctant to water and thus might want to try to escape several times. Having another person hold the cat can prevent that. However, if you notice your cat being too stressed out take a break.

#4 Find the right timing

Attempting to shower your cat while it is full of energy is generally a bad idea. Set up a bath when your cat is calmer, for example, after playing with catnip. Having a more relaxed cat can be of tremendous help for both of you.

#5 Use a non-slip mat

No one likes slipping around in the bathtub and your cat is no different. Give your cat a sense of security and grip by adding a non-slip mat into your bathtub. This can also help prevent any injuries.

Reminder: It is best to leave your cat alone after the bath since it was he will most likely be in a stressful state. Give him time to relax and recharge.

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