6 Excercises For Your Dog

In addition to outdoor activities such as dog hiking, hunting with bird dogs, labrador exercises, this dog blog recommends some indoor exercises, and some mental dog games too.

Tired of playing fetch with your dog? Click here to find out how you can change up your dogs playing routine and get inspired by some fun game ideas that can double up as exercise for your dog too.

Play hide and seek

Wait until your dog is distracted by a treat, person, or ball. Then slip into a closet or duck behind a piece of large furniture. If your dog doesn’t come looking for your right away, call her. Make a big fuss and give her a treat when she finds you.

This game also comes in handy if you have trouble getting your dog to come back to you at the dog park.

Set Up An Obstacle Course

There are tons of ways to exercise your dog with an obstacle course. You can place tape or a thin rope across a doorway to create jumps for your dog to go over or limbo bars for him to go under.

Play The Shell Game

To play the shell game you’ll need a few extra-smelly treats and two cups. Show your dog the treat and let him watch you put it under one of the two cups.Switch the cups once or twice and ask your pup to find the treat. Most dogs will knock over the cup hiding the treat.As your dog learns the game, make it more difficult. You can add a third cup, use a treat that doesn’t smell as strongly, or spend more time moving the cups around.

Tug of War

Tug of war is another fun game and can be a great indoor exercise for your dog. However, remember that tug of war can make your dog overly competitive and can lead to aggressive behavior in some breeds. Take a bigger toy that you and your dog can both grab onto. As your dog grips the toy with his mouth, take the other side and gently tug on it. Depending on your dog you can also tug a little tighter. Remember to lighten the mood when your pup gets too invested in the game.

Keep Away

Keep away is a game that you can easily play at home if you have some space. You’ll need someone else to play with you and your dog. Just take any small item you can easily put in your hand, throw it at each other and let the dog have fun trying to get it. If you can't find another person to play with, take a bouncy ball and throw it towards a wall so it can bounce back to you while your dog stands between you and the wall.

Which Hand Game

Which Hand is a great brain training for dogs. Put a treat in your hand, close your fists and show both hands to your pooch. Let the dog choose which hand the treat is in by sniffing the fists. If your pup chose the correct hand, reward it with the treat. If it didn’t - give it one more try.

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