How To Find A Good Vet

If you own a pet, you need a doctor for it. This article is about how to find vet care for your cat or dog, what the cost is, and how to make pet care affordable for you.

Having the right veterinarian is very underrated. Just as you might have switched your doctors until you have found the "perfect" one, your pet may need to go through multiple vets too until you find one that is right for the both of you. Here are some tips on how to find the right vet:

Personal recommendation

The easiest way to find a good vet is to go after peoples recommendations. Of course, you shouldn't listen to just anyones opinion. However, if you have a friend or neighbor who has had animals for a while and they suggest you a particular veterinary practice then you can be sure that the vet will not disappoint you. If you or your pet end up not liking the practice, no worries. Just keep looking! Every animal is different!

Browse the internet

Another popular way is to browse the internet for nearby vet practices. A search engine can be a helpful tool especially if you have just moved to a new city or country and don't have many social contacts yet. But beware of scammers when looking on the internet for a vet. Make sure the pages you look on are trusted websites and if something comes off as sketchy to you, go with your gut feeling and keep looking for another vet.

Ask your local pet supply store

Don't be afraid to ask your pet supply store for some recommendations. The employees will most likely have pets of their own and can give you some suggestions on good veterinarians.

What to look out for in a vet

If you have been given some suggestions or have found some potential vets on your own, don't hesitate to visit the practices in person. Here are some things you should look out for:


Is the vet practice far away from you? The closer the practice, the better it is for you and your pet especially in a case of emergency or if your pet doesn't like (public) transportation.


A bright, clean, and friendly veterinary clinic is important in giving pet and animal owners a sense of security. Moreover, you can recognize a good veterinary practice by the fact that the staff makes a satisfied impression and does not change frequently. Regularly changing staff makes it difficult to build trust in the practice. If your vet has a loyal staff you can most likely be sure that they treat people with kindness and respect and therefore will treat your pet the same.


If your animal suffers from a specific disease, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian whether he or she has experience in treating this disease. Furthermore, you can recognize a good veterinarian by the fact that they will explain the examinations to you in detail and explain the medication and its effects so that you too can recognize the benefits of the treatment and are informed about possible side effects.

Opening hours

This one might seem unimportant, but if you're someone who works a lot it can be very helpful knowing when exactly and how many days a week your vet is available. Some practices only open in the morning while others are only open in the afternoon. Find something that works for you and your schedule. Additionally, ask them if they offer house visits if that's something that's important to you.


In Germany, all veterinarians have to charge according to a fee schedule (Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte). A general check-up can cost you anywhere between 10 to 30 €.


Lastly, if you have health insurance for your pet, ask your veterinarian whether they will settle the invoice directly with the insurance company or whether you have to pay in advance first.

As you can tell, finding a vet that is right for you and your pet is very important. Eventually, your animal will get used to their vet and the anxiety will decrease time to time. It is also beneficial for you to be able to trust your vet and their judgment. A good vet will always have your pets best interests at heart.

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