Meet Feniska

Sonita Soth
November 14, 2020

As pet owners, we know the struggle and the horrible experience of a sick pet or even worse - when you have to put your pet down. That is why we, Ropa and Sonita, came together to build this company. We offer products that are deeply personal to us and we wish we had this products years ago when we were in need of understanding and monitoring the wellbeing of our pets.

When Django, my Russian Blue cat, almost died because of bladder stones 3 years ago, I went through a horrible time. I was afraid of losing Django and full of guilt because I hadn’t noticed his disease earlier. Django had to endure a lot of pain and suffering. After talking to hundreds of pet owners I realized that this horrible experience that we went through is a common problem amongst pet parents and their fur babies. Pets cannot communicate with us, and when they are sick, we only realize it when they start to eat less and become lethargic. Unfortunately, these signs usually appear when the disease is already at an advanced stage. 

So, I decided to quit my job, move to Berlin and pursue my dream of building a company with the most intuitive and reliable digital healthcare products for pets. WhileI focused on designing, iterating and building the product I realized that I needed someone who could help me build a brand and turn Feniska into a household name. And that’s when I met Ropa. I knew immediately that I wanted her as my co-founder. After we had our first lunch together, I told her about my startup and that she should join as a COO. She thought I was joking, but little did she know 😬.


Besides of being a phenomenal storyteller (go listen to her Podcast “Afro Comb Podcast”), Ropa really understands the personas whose problem we are trying to solve, and she has genuine empathy for pets and their wellbeing. She unfortunately made the same experience as me with her dog Phoenixx (yes with two x), he suffered fromLyme Disease, and she had to put him down. RIP Phoneixx.


Fast forward to now, Ropa and I aim to create a world in which every pet owner can ensure that their pets are healthy and happy. And besides that, we are here to kick down barriers women face and close the gender gaps we see in the tech industry.


In the process of validating the concept of our product we reached out to many vets, research institutions and biologists and talked to hundreds of pet owners. Because we want to make sure that we are building a product that pet parents really need while still being pet-centric and pet-friendly.