Pet Obesity

Nowadays 53% of all cats and dogs are overweight. And the number is still on the rise. What should pet parents know about their pet’s health data?

Obesity can reduce the pet’s life by more than 2 years!

As I scroll through my Instagram feed - and obviously I am obsessed with pet accounts – I see tons of adorable pets that spice up the lives of their owners. What is intriguing to me though is that I see a lot of pets who are obviously overweight, which looks super adorable by the way, but the health damage is fatal.

In fact, 53% of all pets on this planet are overweight. According to a study conducted by the Banfield Pet Hospital in the US, obesity is the #1 health problem amongst cats and dogs. Pets who are overweight are also more prone to illness. They often are diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis, or hyperthyroidism. In conclusion: Obesity can reduce the pet’s life by more than 2 years! That is an enormous piece of life for a pet - which usually lives up to 15 to 20 years old. It is roughly the same as taking eight years of a person's life. Contrary to popular belief, the obesity is not solely caused by a high calorie intake. Age, breed, or a castration also have an influence on the tendencies of a pet's weight. That’s why pet owners have to educate and inform themselves before adopting a pet.

Over 65% of dogs and more than half of cat owners find it very important to get regular information on the health status of their pet.

The main challenge for pet owners is to stay informed about the health status of their pets. A recent study from MSD Animal Health revealed that over 65% of dogs and more than half of cat owners find it very important to get regular information on the health status of their pet so they can monitor their health. The need for awareness and the importance of knowing your pet’s health data is increasing. A majority of those surveyed do not currently use any pet health monitoring devices, and 60% said they would like to use such a device.

So, what can pet parents do to have more of an understanding of their pets’ health?  The answer is simple: It is crucial to know the pets’ normal condition, so that you can notice slight deviations in daily rhythms and behavioral patterns. That means tracking the weight change, sleeping habits, eating habits and toilet visits are essential, because these are conspicuous signs of diseases. And yes, you can do it manually and document it in a diary, but to be honest: Who has the time to do it? Let alone to do it effectively.

That is why Feniska has developed an intuitive healthcare App and a smart Base. The SmartBase monitors real-time data and will track the weight change, resting time, and sleeping patterns of your cat or dog. A unique feature is that the data is measured in the familiar environment of the pets without invasive methods. This saves the pet, and especially cats, from stressful situations that arise when these data are actively measured by the vet or the owner. The big advantage is that health data is measured automatically and unaltered and can be viewed by the owner in the app at any time. Pet parents can monitor the health of their pets effortlessly.

Our App is there to give you real time insights into said data, and to notify you when any significant changes occur. The app allows you to know what is going on with your pet no matter where you are and provides a detailed report of your pet’s health data and behavioral patterns that you can easily show your vet. In addition, you can read the Feniska blog via the app, and also access a forum of countless pet parents who share their own experiences.

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