Spring Safety Tips For Your Cats and Dogs

Is your cat or dog sneezing or with a runny nose? It might be due to spring allergies. Check out this pet blog for some tips, and also on preventing fleas on dogs.

Whether you are a first-time pet owner or have spent a few seasons with your pet already, there's always something new to learn about. Here are some things to look out for during spring weather. Make sure your pets stay safe with this quick spring safety tips guide.

Spring Safety Tips

Not only can these insects be uncomfortable to your pets but they can also cause serious diseases. To prevent that, check your pets for ticks and any other parasites daily. If they have long fur, brush through it regularly as some insects will fall out this way. Additionally, you can put an anti-tick collar on your pet.


Symptoms usually occur during spring and can cause a vicious circle of scratching and biting their own body which can then irritate the skin and leave bald spots in their fur. If the veterinarian has prescribed any medication for your pet make sure you always have them on hand. Be aware that there's no one size fits all remedy as pets respond differently to different allergens.

Spring plants

Watch out for specific kinds of plants that are toxic to your pets. These include lilies, tulips, and castor beans. When consumed symptoms such as vomiting or breathing difficulties occur. If your pet does accidentally eat one of these plants, see a vet immediately.

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