Summer Safety Tips For Your Pets

Wondering how to cool down your dog or cat in hot summer weather? Or what to do when hiking or walking with your dog in summer? Check out this pet article to learn about the dos and don'ts.

The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer and you and your pet are destined to have a great time together. With summer approaching, we have accumulated some Do's and Don'ts to keep your pets cool and safe during sunny days! 😎


Leave your pets in the car

Try to leave your pets indoors if you're going somewhere where you have to leave them in your car. With an outside temperature of 26°C, the temperature in a vehicle can increase up to 42°C after only 30 minutes. In some cases, it can take less than ten minutes for your pet to develop heatstroke. If it's unavoidable to leave your pet in a vehicle, ensure that you provide water and an opened window. However, you should avoid direct drafts or permanently running the air conditioning. Be back as quickly as possible.

Shave your pets fur

You might look at the luscious fur of your pet and think "How are you not overheating?". Nonetheless, you should never shave your pet as their fur can actually keep them cool and insulated. You can trim your pet's hair, but be sure to leave at least a full inch of fur to protect their skin from sunburns.

Let them drink from puddles

Letting your pet drink from puddles is a bad idea as that water source can come in contact with contaminants or chemicals that aren't safe. It can make your pet extremely sick and in rare cases can even be fatal.


Provide plenty of water and shade

Never leave the house without bringing water for your pets! Dogs can lose hydration through urination and by cooling their body temperature through panting. Dry gums and excessive drooling can be an indicator of dehydration. To increase fluid intake you can also switch to wet food during warm days. Pets like sunbathing, but it is important to keep them in the shade as often as possible as too much direct sunlight can overheat them and lead to heatstroke.

Keep parasites off

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pesky parasites are everywhere. Protect your pets from them as much as possible as they carry tapeworms, heartworms, and diseases such as Lyme that can put your pet at risk. Ask your vet for medical prescriptions to keep your furry friends pest-free.

Plan your walking hours differently

Time your walking hours with your dog differently during summer as the mid-day heat can be bad for his health. The best times are the early mornings and late evenings where the weather is cooler. When outside, take enough breaks in the shade and have plenty of water with you.

Keep your dog's paws cool

Pets heat and cool from the bottom up. During summer some surfaces like cement, asphalt, or metal can be extremely hot and dangerous to your pet's paws. Make sure to keep your pet off of these kinds of surfaces to avoid burning and overheating. It's also not a good idea to drive around with your dog in the back of a truck since the hot metal can burn paws quickly.

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