The Herding Group

Dogs from the herding group can be really stubborn but they have amazing leadership qualities when it comes to other animals. In this blog, we will talk all about the herding group and its different breeds of dogs.

These dogs were initially classified as working dogs but because of their incredible ability to control other animals, they had to be classified into their own group. These dogs are great to train, and have such a strong herding instinct that they sometimes herd the children of the family! Because they have been bred for centuries to do farm work, herding dogs are incredibly loyal, and develop strong bonds with their companions. What made these dogs particularly suitable for farm work was their ability to essentially hunt, without harming the animals. They were often left alone with the animals and needed to be trusted to make decisions alone. As a result, you will find that herding dogs are quite independent.

Herding dogs can be quite stubborn and disobedient. This is because they were bred to make decisions on their own, and will usually do what they feel is best in a situation. They are incredibly protective and therefore will tend to be shy around new people. If you get a herding dog without the intention of having it herd animals, it is essential to train them very early to ensure they develop a healthy attitude. They are also very energetic, and need to get lots of exercise. Ideally, they should get some time to run and play off leash often. They may not be ideal for first time owners because of their high amounts of energy.

Fun Facts

Most popular herding dog breed - Border Collie

One of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, the collie is a popular family dog because it is incredibly loving and affectionate. Collies have inexpendable amounts of energy and need to be a lot of exercise to be happy and healthy.

Shortest herding dog breed - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Famous of being the Queen’s of England’s trusted companions and for their cute fluffy butts, corgis are unexpectedly phenomenal herding dogs. One thing to note however, is that they bark a lot.

Most Versatile dog Breed - German Shephered

Yes, we also mentioned this dog in the Working Group blog. The reason is, they are multi talented. They were originally bred for herding, but also did great at guarding the home and other farm work.

Pop Culture dog breed - Rough Collie

Famous for being in the movie Lassie, this affectionate loving dog is great for families as it is not aggressive.

Most Energetic herding dog breed - Australian Shephered

One of the more popular herding dogs turned family dogs, the australian shephered is an incredible companion. We have called it the most energetic because this breed can be destruvtive when they do not get enough exercise.

Fluffiest Herding Dog breed - Bearded Collie

Actually, this is debatable, because the Old English Sheepdog could also be considered the fluffiest herding dog. The bearded collie originated from Scottland and was bred to withstand cold temperatures. It is incredibly sweet, affectionate, and has a great positive attitude.

We’ve already arrived at the end of our article but if you want to learn even more about dog breeds, feel free to check out our blogs on the working group and the terrier group.

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