The Importance Of Food Tracking For Your Pets

Every time you are at a pet store, you are overwhelmed on the right cat food, dog food, best puppy food, best kitten food or best homemade dog food. In this article, we show you that no matter which dog food you get, pet food intake tracking is so important

1 out of 2 pets are obese, and obesity is the leading cause of health problems in our pets. While it can be hard to say no to those fluffy faces, it is important that we regulate their food intake. Additionally, if they suddenly start eating more or eating less, this may be a sign of a bigger health problem. This article discusses the importance of monitoring your pet's food intake.

Feeding behaviour is a key indicator of health for pets, with a loss of appetite or change in feeding habits often being one of the first signs of illness. Over time, this enables pet owners to build a comprehensive understanding of their pet’s unique feeding patterns, making it easier for them to spot changes in their pet’s health and wellbeing earlier than they may otherwise have been able to do so. Monitoring food intake becomes even more important as pets get older, and start to suffer from conditions like kidney disease.

There are three major benefits to food tracking - peace of mind, control, and knowledge. Firstly, you as a pet owner can always look back on how often and how much you fed your pet, and have an overview of what changes have occurred gradually. Secondly, you cannot manage what you do not measure. If you want to have control over your pet's food intake, ensure it is not overweight or under-eating, you need to measure what you feed him, when you feed him, and how much you feed him. Lastly, in order to know when your help is needed, or when a possible illness might have occurred, you need to be able to identify changes in food intake patterns. Animals tend to lose their appetite when they are in pain, so a decrease in food intake can be an indicator of illness.

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