The Working Group

As the name suggests, dog breeds from the working group were initially bred to help their owners work around the house or the farm. In this article, we will talk about dog breeds from the working group.

Working dogs are athletic, intelligent, obedient and strong. Historically, these dogs were bred to guard the home and to help with work around the farm such as pulling sleds. Today, working dogs make great service dogs, military dogs, police dogs and guard dogs. They are generally large in stature, strong and very protective. There are about 30 breeds classified as working dogs by the American Kennel Club.

Working dogs are not ideal for first time owners. Because of their strength and size, they require proper disciplinary measures. They are also incredibly intelligent, which poses a challenge for those who are inexperienced at training dogs. If you are unsure about your training abilities, it is better to avoid adopting a working breed, as this often leads to neglect and sometimes even abuse. The most notoriously difficult working dog to train is the Siberian Husky. If you do however decide to get a working dog, remember that they love to have a job to do, and are smarter than you think. They are a great addition to the family, as they are loyal, devoted and protective.

Fun Facts

Largest working dog breed: The Great Dane - Despite being large and intimidating, these dogs are sweet, affectionate and cuddly. They originated from Germany and were bred to hunt wild pigs.

Most powerful working dog breed: Rottweiler - these were originally herding dogs, but they have grown to become strong and feirce protectors.

Most stuborn working dog breed: Siberian Husky - Sweet, loving and athletic, these dogs know how to endure long periods of cold. They are however strong willed and require lots of training and discipline.

Most popular working dog breed: Boxer - Perhaps one of the easiest working dogs to train, Boxers are known for being highly affectionate and versatile😊.

Fluffiest working dog breed: Samoyed - Originally bred for pulling sleds, these fluffy dogs are forever smiling for a reason. Their smiles help them to stop drooling, which prevents icicles from falling.

Most employed working dog breed: German Shephered - Hardest working dog, the German Shephered has a long history of working with the military and the police. Its obedience and loyalty also makes it an incredible search and rescue dog.

Most energetic working dog breed: Border Collie - One of the most popular sheep dogs, the collie is obedient, enthusiastic and energetic.

Most intimidating working dog breed: Bullmastiff - Originally bred to guard and protect, this breed has an imposing appearance. Do not be fooled, they are incredibly loving and affectionate.

Now that you are more familiar with the working dog group, feel free to check more of our blogs on the 7 groups of dog breeds.

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