Why Pet Adoption Is Important

As much as we all want labrador puppies and golden retriever puppies, there are rescue dogs in an animal shelter near you that need a new home. Instead of looking for cats and dogs from breeders, consider adopting a pet from a local shelter.

Are you thinking of bringing a fluffy companion to your life, but don’t know whether to get them from a shelter or a breeder? While both options will get you a cute family member, adoption has much more benefits for you and your pet. Find out why you should consider adopting your pet, rather than getting them from pet shops.

What is Pet Adoption?

Typically, when one adopt pets, they usually come from animal shelters. Animal shelters are staffed facilities where homeless animals and animals in cruelty cases find safety. The goal of animal shelter is to take in unwanted, stray, abandoned animals and provide them with veterinary care, food, water, but most importantly to find them a loving home. As of now, the European Union estimates that there are about 100,000 abandoned companion animals in Europe that need a loving home.

What are the benefits of Pet Adoption?

Firstly, when you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are saving two lives. Shelter and rescue animals are in need of a second chance to be pets. You are giving them a new life in a home and at the same time you are making room at the shelter for another pet in need of a second chance.

Another reason why you should consider adopting is that you will be fighting back against cruel breeding. There are times breeders give little to no concern about the well-being of animals. So when people purchase from breeders, rather than adopting, they are putting more animals at risk.

Also, animals deserve a chance to become pets in a loving home. By adopting from animal shelters, you are giving them that chance of a happy life. So the next time your thinking whether or not to get a pet, consider adoption because you’re not only helping yourself with a new best friend, you're giving that best friend a forever home.

If you made your decision to adopt, here are a few tips that can make your searching easier! Start out by looking up animal shelters near you. Be prepared for the adoption process to take some time. Try to adopt a breed rescue or smaller rescue if you are struggling to find a pet to adopt. To get a more in depth guide on how to properly prepare yourself to adopt a pet, check out the link below:


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